Oil & Gas

Trimax can help your operation meet the challenges of new technology implementation, process efficiency, and cost-reducing automation. Our team has certifications and training to upgrade mission-critical processes in hazardous conditions. We understand the need for minimized downtime, redundant systems, and exacting safety and quality control standards.

Minimize Costs and Provide Efficiencies

Organizations in the Oil & Gas industry face daily challenges to minimize costs and properly control their products and interests. Trimax is experienced in performing essential tasks for upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Our team of engineers is comprised of experts in systems integration and controls for pumping, long distance transmission, flow pacing, and delivery systems, as well as timing-critical drilling operations for offshore platforms.

Secure Networks

In an industry that frequently requires coordination between competitors, intellectual property protection is invaluable. We can help set up and service secure networks while maintaining data security on-site, keeping your infrastructure and competitive edge maintained in an aggressive industry.

  • Upstream & Downstream

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Ocean Floor Connections

  • Fuel Farms

  • EFSO Systems

  • Pipeline Flow Controls

  • Refinery Integration

  • Secure Network & IT Setup

  • SCADA Systems

  • Control Rooms

  • DCS Migration to SCADA

Superior systems begin with understanding your needs and processes.