Trimax helps manufacturers improve efficiency of their production lines and processes. Our experienced field services team can provide ongoing site maintenance and upgrades to keep existing lines and processes running smoothly and efficiently.

Reduce Downtime

We understand how damaging downtime can be for a plant operating at capacity. Through the installation of redundant controls, we can help protect your plant from unplanned shutdowns and keep you running at peak efficiency. When upgrading systems, we routinely use hot cutover procedures to ensure there is no downtime in existing processes. Trimax can help you maintain and improve your system, providing you with reliable results.

  • Robotics

  • Manufacturing Cycle Improvements

  • Autoclave Controls

  • Centrifuges

  • Process Optimization

  • Extrusion Processes

  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance

  • MES

  • OEE

Bulk Material Handling

Trimax provides efficient and effective control of large stationary equipment for materials such as ore, cement, dry food, sand and gravel, and waste products. We provide controls for quick and efficient material transportation, as well as software programming for added functionality, inventory control, and material blending. We can incorporate RFID, barcode scanners, and photoelectric sensors for proper tracking and labeling throughout your facility, as well as real-time inventory updating. Sensors can be included in SCADA, MES, and ERP systems for increased visibility and action from the plant floor.

Our expertise allows us to improve processes, increasing throughput and efficiency while eliminating downtime. From preliminary design to final implementation, Trimax can help.

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Mechanical Lifts & Platforms

  • Ship, Truck, & Railcar Loading

  • Material Measuring

  • Inventory Control

  • Material Blending

  • Recycling Plants

Superior systems begin with understanding your needs and processes.